Posted 02.13.08

Willie will be on tour playing bass pedals and drums with Jamie Lidell to support his latest release JIM (Warp Records) starting in mid April. Checkout the appearances page for tour dates.

Checkout Willie’s MySpace page @ www.myspace.com/williebmusic.

One of Willie B's projects is called TZAR. It features Willie on drums and bass pedals and Michael Stark on Hammond B-3 organ. Stark's aggressive organ style and Willie's slinky beats and fat bass pedal tones make for a powerful duo. Check out the TZAR site at www.tzarmusic.com. You can get the CD direct from Wille B for $12 postpaid to the US and Canada using PayPal.



YOU CAN ALSO PURCHASE WILLIE B’s LATEST RELEASE “fresh: a-frame sessions vol. 2’ at CDBaby.

Posted 7.25.06

Willie hits the road with Johnny Dowd on a three week U.S. tour beginning July 28th in St. Paul, MN to support Johnny's new record "Cruel Words" available now in the U.S. Check the appearances page for a date show near you.

Willie B , Johnny Dowd, and Jim White just finished their Hellwood record. They call it "Chainsaw of Life," and it will be released in Europe on Munich Records in September. It will also be available at shows in the U.S. and at Johnny's web site. Hellwood will tour Europe in October.

Back on the road starting in march '06! Willie will be touring in Europe with Johnny Dowd this spring. Checkout the appearance page for more info.

Willie has began preproduction for the future Jim White/Johnny Dowd project. The great minds shall meet the third week of Jan. This should be an interesting collaboration.

You can hear Willie drumming on the new Splendors record that should be out soon. A great straight up rock and roll record. Check out www.thesplendors.com.

Back on the road I go! In May I’ll be out with JOHNNY DOWD, starting in Chicago and then we defect to Canada for some shows. In June I’ll be joining NEKO CASE on drums for a three week midwest tour. Johnny will be doing support for the second half of the Neko tour. Ye-haw! Checkout the appearances page for tour dates.

The new WILLIE B record is being worked on as we speak. It is expected to be finished sometime this fall…..if I can get off the road long enough! A preview mp3 is coming soon.

"Willie B. (Brian Wilson) sets his own odd course with his music as on 2002's fresh: A-Frame Sessions Vol. 2. It's a combination of electronica, jazz, and some alt country thrown in there somewhere. I'm putting Willie B. in the spectrum next to Johnny Dowd for their association, but truly, Willie B.'s drums, programming, and writing covers such a wide range of the map. However, the left end of the alt country category is where I started to stack up the surf rock sound, at least the surf rock that sounds like its also paying homage to country. As on Dowd's album, Willie B.'s own album features that spaghetti western, surf rock combo. Wilder Than the Wind '66 starts off with a huge wave riding drumroll. Snyths and guitars combine to make this like a western movie of cowboys fighting out on the surf. Tumble takes this spaghetti western down to the Mexican border, a parade-strut rhythm ready to cross and escape the long arm of the law. Finally, a stand out element is the marimba on Exotica #3. Even with many electronic elements, Willie B.'s live, acoustic percussion remains center stage as if there's a drummer in the room, smashing down those heads, with the lights all focused on him. Meanwhile, from the edges of the dark room, there's flashes of electronics, guitars, basses, and other odd sounds, but nothing, no, nothing, can stop that drummer from laying down his beat." –Music Spectrum.

“Willie B. is drummer Brian Wilson, who regularly plays with one of my heroes Johnny Dowd. His album, Fresh: A-Frame Sessions Vol II, updates Sandy Nelson’s percussion chops for the indie-intelligentsia, and anyone else who digs a slightly off-kilter boogedy-beat. Spare, tasteful, guitar and keyboards augment this instrumental gem. Wilson also plays with The Mofos, another vox-free combo. Their mission is to remake surf/rock’n’roll finger-tanglers from the ‘50s and ‘60s in the image of Motorhead and Nine Inch Nails. They do so fluently, entertainingly and with a surprising sprinkling of melody.”
- Blues Matters! Magazine

"Dowd builds upon his morbid strengths in the acute presence of percussionist Brian Wilson, a preternaturally talented kid who amplifies Dowd's increasingly romantic backwoods ballads with swoops and stomps of nightmare perfect drums and bass pedals."
-The Stranger

"Brian Wilson - the prodigiously dexterous musician who simultaneuosly plays drums and operates a keyboard bass pedal."
-Chris Morris, LA Weekly

Johnny Dowd’s ‘Cemetery Shoes’ received a four star review in the May 2004 issue of Mojo Magazine.

Checkout Johnny Dowd in the May 2004 Guitar Magazine with a sidebar on Willie B’s setup (Cemetery Sonics)! Also in the same issue is an album review of the Mofos latest release ‘Supercharged on Alcohol’. www.mofosonline.com

YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE WILLIE B’s LATEST RELEASE “fresh: a-frame sessions vol. 2’ at CDBaby.

Plans for a Johnny Dowd/Willie B. theatre tour of Holland is in the works for October. The show will included and interactive music/film/multimedia performance. More news to come…

Posted 1.17.04

Willie B's a Papa! Wife Eva gave birth to a little girl, Anya Catherine, on 11/23/03. What a doll she is!

Willie will be joining Johnny Dowd for a few shows in Europe at the end of January. See Appearances page for places and dates.

Willie has just completed mixing Dave Wilson's new record "Making Waves". He also played drums and bass on the recording, along with Mark Symeon on guitar. For more info, contact Willie at toughbeat@hotmail.com.

Hammond Organist, Mike Stark (Wingnut, Hank Roberts) has joined the Johnny Dowd Band. A powerful duo just became a powerful trio.

Wille plays on Johnny Dowd's most recent album, "Cemetary Shoes", which is being released in Europe on Munich Records in February 2004 . Check out www.johnnydowd.com for European tour dates.

The Mofos are going to Europe! February 12th - 22nd they will be doing shows in Belgium and The Netherlands. See Appearances for places and dates.

The new Sally Timms (Mekons) album has just been completed! It features Willie B. (drums, bass, marimba) and Justin Asher (guitars, synth, samples, and God knows what else...) with additional production done by Johnny Dowd. Release date TBA.

Check out Willie's drumming on Dani Linnetz new album. www.danilinnetz.com

Johnny Dowd Band joins the Mekons for and East Coast tour in March! More info soon to come...

Posted 7.5.03

The weekend of September 26th, Willie B will be performing with Johnny Dowd at the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in Los Angeles. Venue and times TBA. Matt Groening, from The Simpsons fame, is serving as the festival's curator.

Willie B. has recently been playing drums with Dualtone recording artist Warren Zanes (Del Fuegos) performing in New York, D.C, Philadelphia, and Boston. Also joining Warren is Justin Asher, from Johnny Dowd’s band.

Preproduction is now in the works for the new Sally Timms (Mekons) record. Willie B and Justin Asher share musical duties, while Johnny Dowd takes the helm as producer. This is sure to be a very interesting collaboration.

If you are in the upstate New York or Ontario region, Keep your eye open for some rare Jayne County shows. Willie B on drums, as well as Eliot Michaels on guitar (Electric Chairs), and Eric Trichon on bass (Mofos).

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