Willie B (a.k.a. Brian M. Wilson) has performed and recorded with many great artists such as Sally Timms (The Mekons), Warren Zanes (Del Fuegos), NYC punk legend Jayne County, and Neko Case. He has toured Europe and the U.S. extensively with Johnny Dowd, and surf rockers the Mofos. From punk to jazz to country, Willie's versatility is his strength. He is best known for incorporating organ bass pedals into his drum setup, allowing him to play bass and drums simultaneously. This original sound has become his signature. He has also recorded his own solo album, 'A-frame session vol. 2' on which he plays all instruments. While not on the road touring, Willie B has made his home in Ithaca, NY.

Willie B was born Brian Wilson on February 13, 1975, and grew up on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts. The first records he owned, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, John Coltrane "Love Supreme", and Led Zeppelin "Presence", left a huge impression on his childhood. At age 12, he tried to convince his parents, after years of pestering, to let him get a set of drums. After a few summers painting houses, he finally earned enough money and walked down to the local music shop, and bought the first set he saw.Drumming for many bands through his high school he went off to college in Ithaca, NY. After a year of school, Willie headed back to his hometown area to teach drumming at DiCenso's Drum Shop in Quincy, MA. Although teaching proved to be an invaluable experience, Willie returned to Ithaca, NY to pursue some promising musical projects. He played drums for various bands and recording projects working with producer Alex Perialas of Anthrax and Bad Religion fame.

It was during this time that Willie hooked up with Johnny Dowd. In 1997, he played on Johnny's critically acclaimed "Wrong Side of Memphis" (Munich Records). In 2000 Dowd's "Temporary Shelter" (Munich Records) featured Willie's signature bass pedal/drum approach. This sound can also be heard on Dowd's "Pawnbrokers' Wife", Sally Timms' "World of Him" (Touch & Go), and Johnny Dowd's "Cruel Words" (Munich Records). Willie continues producing recordings under his own name. His latest group is called Tzar, which features himself on bass pedals and drums and Michael Stark on Hammond organ.

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